Product Owner, with a deep software engineering background (specializing in Java, Oracle and Apache Cassandra).

Working in the health care industry @ Orion Health. Technophile. Amateur photographer. Adventurer (still no arrow in the knee). Adrenaline junkie. LOTR nerd.

Miloš Ranđelović

Hello! My name is Milos Randelovic.

I am a Product Owner based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Milos Randelovic is a transliteration from Miloš Ranđelović (Serbian Latin), or Милош Ранђеловић (Serbian Cyrillic). In some places you may also see Milos Randjelovic, as we often transliterate the letter "đ" as "dj" in Serbia. Yes, I am a grammar nazi.

Have been leading teams of software engineers and busness analysts. As a software engineer, specialized in working with Java, Oracle (including PL/SQL) and Apache Cassandra NoSQL database. Scroll down to find more about my work experience.

In my free time, I am a photography enthusiast. I enjoy playing table tennis and basketball. When I have the chance, I like a nice adrenaline rush (skydiving or any other adventurous activity). I also like fantasy and science fiction movies and books. And, I am quite passionate about gadgets and technology in general.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda

Work Experience

I have 9 years of professional experience in the software development industry.

Currently focused on growing in the product ownership domain. Gathering business requirements from the product manager and other stakeholders, and, together with business analysts, shaping the backlog across multiple development teams. Having a vast technical/engineering background is an important part in that role as well.

As a software engineer, specialized in working with Java, Oracle (including PL/SQL) and Apache Cassandra NoSQL database. Past experience also includes working with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Microsoft .NET (C#, WF).

After being a lead developer on multiple projects, took the role of a team lead (teams consisted of software engineers, business analysts, and tech writers) in an agile environment. Focused on utilizing my knowledge, experience, character and communication skills in order to help drive the team to success – coordinate people to deliver in a timely manner and without compromising quality, help them understand the requirements and overcome any obstacles they might find along the way, identify and work with the team to mitigate risks, and work with them on their own personal development and growth, not just individually, but also as a team.

Working in different industries – development of a data platform and clinical repository in the health domain, cloud web applications for a large scale of customers in the retail & hospitality sector (including a fully functional cloud Point-of-Sale system), and back office applications (mostly for loans and pricing) in the banking industry. Experience in moving software solutions from SQL to a Big Data (NoSQL) paradigm. Worked on migrating large amounts of data and integrating multiple enterprise systems, coordinated the implementation of new modules in a large core banking system.

You can find more details on my LinkedIn profile, and (some of) the companies I've worked for below.

Orion Health

Auckland | NZ

A global, independently owned eHealth software company delivering solutions for healthcare facilities, organisations and regions.

Transactor Technologies Ltd.

Auckland | NZ

Transactor Technologies Ltd provides added-value transaction processing solutions to retailers for loyalty and payment programmes.

Asseco SEE

Belgrade | Serbia

Asseco SEE is the largest operator in South-Eastern Europe in terms of revenue derived from sales of its software and services, mostly in the banking sector.


Niš | Serbia

Uni4gold d.o.o has been delivering solutions in the banking industry and was mostly outsourced by Asseco SEE, before getting acquired.


Photography is my passion! I travel a lot, and I tend to keep my Canon 6D and/or GoPro Hero 4 with me. I could talk on photography subjects all day. The majority of my "work" is in private archives, with me being lazy not having enough time to turn them into presentable media on the Internet.

Most of my everyday shots you can catch on Instagram, and better ones (and in higher resolution) are available on 500px. Some of them are linked below. As you can see, I enjoy shooting portraits the most.

Get In Touch!

Thank you for checking out my profile! If you would like to get in touch, feel free to ping me on whichever social network you find suitable from the selection below, or drop me a line on hello monkey (replace this-domain with the actual domain ;)).